TMC Air in Stock Adapter - DSG – MAGFED PROSHOP

TMC Air in Stock Adapter - DSG

Dynamic Sports Gear


The entire adapter is made from one piece of the highest quality aluminum material by CNC milling machine. The development and production happens in Germany, which speaks for best possible quality and accuracy of fit. Compared to other air-stick or air-stick adapter solutions on the market, the Dynamic Sports Gear product is definitely the most engineered, strongest and best-made model. This can be seen not least on the material, the structure with the reinforced air flow but also in the later functioning.

Scope of delivery of the Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter:

1x Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter
1x Tippmann TMC Air Stock gas pipe (aluminum)
1x Tippmann TMC Grip Plug (closure for the resulting hole on the handle)

A second-generation Tippmann TMC marker is required for installation. Recognizable by the routing of the air duct inside the case and the hole in the back of the case, below the shoulder rest.

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