468™ Magazine Fed Paintball Marker - MAGFED PROSHOP

468™ Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

Real Action Paintball


It’s time to upgrade to the new 468™—the most realistic mil-sim paintball marker ever designed. Each 468™ replicates the exact ergonomics of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, their natural point of aim...and the thrilling experience of carrying one into mil-sim paintball action! With a two-part receiver just like an M4, and the ability to swap the entire upper receiver—including the barrel, handguard, and all of the accessories attached to the handguard—for another specially-outfitted upper receiver in seconds, the 468™ provides unparalleled mission adaptability.

468® Top Features:

  • Machined aircraft-grade aluminum receivers
  • 13ci Tank in Stock (Included)
  • Authentic split-receiver design
  • Front and rear combat sights
  • Lok-Bolt Anto Chop System
  • Metal construction
  • Durable: survived a series of torture tests
  • Designed by a top firearms engineer
  • Made in U.S.A

Warranty Information:

  • Length: 5 Years
  • Covers: Mechanical functionality and certain components through normal use, to be warranted against defective parts and quality of workmanship
  • Does not cover normal wear and tear (o-rings, poppets, springs, etc.)

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