9ci - 3000psi HPA Tank – MAGFED PROSHOP

9ci - 3000psi HPA Tank

9ci - 3000psi HPA Tank




  • 2" in diameter, fits most 13ci stocks
  • Billet Aerospace Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Meets Military Spec MIL-I-4520A
  • Massive Flow Rate for nearly instantaneous recharge after each shot
  • ISO Certified Anodizing - Attractive and Durable
  • Incorporated Wrench Flats
  • ASTM Approved Burst Assemblies
  • Micro Gauge
  • Rebuildable and User Friendly with a Full Line of Parts Kit Support
  • Uses Standard Tools, No need for special keys or tools
  • Integrated mounting tang vent grooves - Permits total venting prior to regulator disengagement
  • Industry Standard 5/8-18 Pressure vessel mounting threads
  • Fits all Standard Paintball Tanks in Current Use  
  • Stainless Steel Universal Fill Nipple
  • Fully Automated ISO Certifed CNC Machining to Ensure Exact Specifications

-Made in Taiwan 



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