CATS GEN 3 Stock



The CATS (Combat Air Through Stock) originated by MILSIG has such an amazing reputation that it is now used as a generic term for an air through stock. How cool is that?

The CATS has become the staple of air through stocks for many reasons. The reinforced attachment point removes un-necessary stress from ASA threads, while the air fitting offers a 60 degree rotation to avoid jamming into your wrist or creating an awkward angle when shooting.

Rotating fitting – The CATS offers a signature rotating fitting that moves as fluidly as you do. You won’t have to worry about your remote lines sticking straight down into your wrist anymore.

Lightweight – Weighing in at only 275 grams, the Generation 3 CATS is one of the lightest Air Thru buffer tube on the market.

MilSpec – Using a standard MilSpec sizing pattern, you can add any MilSpec butstock to the CATS Buffer Tube.

Rigid – Coupling the new lower rotation with a beefed up design, the Generation 3 CATS is the most rigid Air Thru stock Milsig has made.


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