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DMA Buttstock for Air-in-Stock

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The Designated Marksman Air Stock is a multi-position collapsible stock that conceals an onboard air source for compatible magfed markers. Designed for “zero wobble” performance, it increases your accuracy potential and protects your tank. This new design replicates the ergonomics and performance of the latest military stocks, and features enhancements that allow it to interface with your paintball marker.

The DMA Stock is compatible with these magfed markers:

- Tacamo MKV/MK5/MKP
- HonorCore TGR2, TGR1, TGR36
- MILSIG M17, Elite, Para Pro
- RAP4 468, T68
- Tiberius T15

The DMA Stock fits these air sources:

- 5oz CO2
- 7oz CO2
- 13ci HPA
- 17ci HPA

Features Include:

- Nylon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Construction
- Designed for a tight and snug fit with zero wobble
- Compatible with 13ci/17ci/5oz/7oz Air Tanks

Installation Note:

This stock is designed to give zero wobble performance by employing a super tight fit, and may require a rubber mallet for initial installation. The stock guide bar on your marker may seem too big to fit into this stock with the air tank initially, but we assure you that it will fit. You may need to remove the stock guide rod and fit it into the stock first, then using a rubber mallet, lightly hammer the stock to cover the 13ci tank while disengaging the stock latch.

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