The m17 CQC is from a revolutionary line mechanical full automatic paintball markers designed to be the finest of milsim markers on the planet. From hardcore magfed play to scenario big games, these markers will take anyone to the next level of the game. The heart of the M17 is the latest generation of our HEAT Core, a mechanical full automatic, internally regulated blow forward system with a multi-state selector switch designed for ease of maintenance, reliability, and absolute consistency. Available in three models based on three roles at three different prices.

Mechanical Full Auto
That's right, a mechanical full automatic paintball marker! Semi is great for everyday use, FULL AUTO is for FUN... and we did it without batteries or electronics. No fuss, no hassle, the M17 is purely mechanical.

Easy Maintenance
The heart of the M17 is our infamous HEAT core system. The HEAT Core requires very little maintenance. The entire marker has less than 5 O-Rings, and only 2 of which require regular maintenance. When maintenance is needed, the entire operating system is separated from the marker by removing 2 pins. A few drops of oil, and the marker is back in business.

Consistency & Accuracy
When you are trying to do MORE with LESS, consistency is paramount. The HEAT Core is known for its consistency with swings of as little as +/- 2 fps on the chronograph. The newest generation of HEAT Core is even more consistent, with better recharge characteristics. Add to that our famous Marksman Rifled barrels, and you have a winning combination of consistency and accuracy.

First Strike Ready
All M17 models shoot FSR out of the box, with a new 18 rounds capacity Squarehead FSR magazine.

New Grip
A new grip design that allows for simple attachment of any standard AR-15 grips. Whatever your playing style or ergonomic needs are, if it fits on an "AR", it will fit your M17.

Selector Switch Safety
Gone is the cross bar safety, in is the new AR style selector switch safety. Realism and functionality together as one.

M17 CQC - Close Quarter Combat

This is our most compact M17 model. Replacing the CQB PRO, this little marker packs punch! Beginning with a steel plate encased Polymer body, we added a new Polymer Magazine Well with an ambidextrous paddle Magazine Release. We then added a two-piece Polymer Integrated Rail system. We finished it off with a short smoothbore Bull Barrel for that signature SMG look. Economical without compromise, this amazing MagFed marker does everything you want at an amazing price. This is the marker you asked us to build, and we delivered.


  • Length: 694mm/27"
  • Weight: 2.25KG/5.0 lbs
  • Polymer composite encased steel construction
  • 2 pin maintenance take down
  • Mechanical Full Auto
  • Interchangable AR-15 style grip
  • AR-15 style bolt reset handle
  • Fire selector switch/safety
  • Ambidextrous magazine release

Package includes:
  • M17 CQC Marker
  • Barrel Plug
  • 18 Round First Strike compatible Squarehead Magazine
  • MATS 13 cu HPA tank compatible buttstock
  • Polymer flip-up sights
  • Polymer CQC shroud
  • 190mm Smoothbore Bull Barrel
  • Hopper Adapter

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