MAXTACT 18 Round Mags - Pack of 4 - MAGFED PROSHOP

MAXTACT 18 Round Mags - Pack of 4



MAXTACT 18 Round Mags - Pack of 4

These, all new Maxtact magazines utilize a new polymer composition that makes the new generation of 18 round magazines even stronger and more durable than those of previous generations. Those shooting FS rounds only, will benefit especially from this change. Because, no longer will the sharp point of FS rounds wear away at the interior track of the magazine as before. Along with this change comes a stronger follower cable, and a metal tension-bar spring to replace the nylon cable and plastic tension-bar. We this these changes will prove longer life and more reliability to all who upgrade.


-    Fin-Stabilized Rounds (FSR) Compatible
-    Semi-Transparent
-    Holds 18 paintballs
-    Holds 10 FSR, 8 paintballs


Made in Taiwan 

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