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Ninja Microbore Remote w/ Push To Connect (PTC)

Ninja Paintball


Ninja Microbore Remote Lines are the next generation of remote air filling solutions. This new Microbore line is a higher pressure rated line while also 30% lighter than standard remote coils. With the microbore remote you also maintain a hyper-flexibility to the line allowing you to weave the line through your tactical vest to pressurize your gun and maintain a low profile tactical look.
Ninja's PTC (Push to Connect) Remote line features an innovative fitting that acts as both a slide check and quick disconnect in one. Hook-up and disconnect from your marker with a push of a button.
  • Push to connect (PTC)
  • 30% lighter and smaller then standard remotes
  • Extremely flexible 49 inch hose
  • 4500 PSI working pressure
  • Works with HPA or CO2
  • Made in USA

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