Storm Air Stock Guide Adapter – MAGFED PROSHOP

Storm Air Stock Guide Adapter - MAGFED PROSHOP

Storm Air Stock Guide Adapter

Real Action Paintball


This exciting adapter enables you to add a compressed air or CO2 M4 Buttstock to your Storm marker. It features a receiving port for the RAP4 Guide Pin to which the collapsible M4 Buttstock locks itself in position.

These exciting stocks look, feel, and handle, very similarly to those found on M4 carbines...but they conceal a hidden onboard air supply: either a 5oz CO2 tank or a 13ci / 3000psi HPA tank. With the Guide Pin Adapter for your Storm, now you can install such a tank and one of the collapsible M4 Buttstocks to conceal it. A single screw holds the adapter it in place, and the adapter is so light that you won’t even notice it.

We’ve even engineered a bonus into the Guide Pin Adapter. Each side has a port for the push-button Quick Disconnect Sling Ring. Easily add a single or multi-point sling to your Storm by attaching its push-button Quick Disconnect Sling Ring right to the Guide Pin Adapter!

RAP4 is proud to make it easy to customize, upgrade, and improve your marker.

Key Features:

- Durable metal construction
- Easy installation
- Includes dual Quick Disconnect Sling Ring ports
- Ready in moments
- Enables use of M4 Buttstocks

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