Storm Ergonomic Interface Trigger Guard – MAGFED PROSHOP

Storm Ergonomic Interface Trigger Guard

Real Action Paintball


This innovative accessory replaces the trigger guard on your Tacamo Storm Markers and Kits with an ergonomically designed trigger guard. It accommodates gloved trigger fingers, enhances the aesthetics of your marker, and reproduces the look and feel of ergonomic trigger guards currently being installed on custom M4 carbines...but most importantly, it gives your support hand a comfortable, dynamic place to grip your marker.

Wrap your support hand fingers around the front of the Storm Ergonomic Trigger Guard, and you'll be able to pull your marker tightly into your body for enhanced accuracy and to present a smaller, more compact target as you engage your foes. Forward grips are fine...but this trigger guard puts that grip right there by your shooting hand for a whole new way to comfortably, effectively, and quickly control your marker! This kind of innovation is brand-new to the tactical community, and we're proud to introduce it to paintball!

Key Features:

- Ergonomic design
- Accommodates traditional hoses
- Accommodates gloved fingers

Compatible with: Tacamo Storm Markers and Kits



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