T15 11.5" Rifled Barrel - 0.686 – MAGFED PROSHOP

T15 Smooth Bore 11.5" Barrel - 0.684 - MAGFED PROSHOP

T15 11.5" Rifled Barrel - 0.686



Threads: T15

Bore Length: 11.5 with included Tip 12.5"

Bore: .686 Rifled

Finish: Matte Finish

Dual Feed
Use either First Strike or Ball Rounds at will.
Change attack posture to sniper or to assault as the situation dictates

.686 Bore Size 
Slows down the First Strike Round to better match the paintball velocity
which maximises the velocity of the FSR when in use.
You can effectively reach targets with your choice of projectile

11.5 Control Bore Length
Loud and Short while still operating within a highly effective
Controlled Flight Length.
Close quarters maneuverability and long range capability 

Assault Muzzle Threaded 7/8-20
 Mount any unique LAPCO barrel accessory.
Express who you are by customizing the performance or look

Multi-Step Precision Bore Size Honing
 2/10000th of an inch tolerance, no low or high spots.
Knowing you have the best possible tool for the job

Proprietary Formulated Aluminum Stock
Light, tough and long lasting.
Performance for a lifetime

Precision Crown
Smoothly transition the round from the barrel
into the atmosphere.
Accuracy you can rely on

U.S.A. Craftsmanship
There is love and care taken with each and every item we create.
For decades all of our products have been created in California.
We take great pride in our products
Trust that you own a precision instrument

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