T15 FSR 14.5" Rifled LAPCO Barrel - 0.686 – MAGFED PROSHOP

T15 FSR 14.5" Rifled LAPCO Barrel - 0.686



The Lapco FSR (First Strike Ready) Barrel is now available for the T15.  The FSR features Lapco's time tested rifled .683 bore for ultimate First Strike and .68 Paintball accuracy. 

The Rifled Control bore is 13” long and honed to .686
Spins the First Strike Rounds to the proper speed maximizing range while achieving superior accuracy
You can effectively reach targets better than ever before

Multi-Step Precision Bore Size Honing
2/10000th of an inch tolerance, no low or high spots, honed before and after rifling
Knowing you have the best possible tool for the job

Proprietary Formulated Aluminum Stock
Light, tough and long lasting
Performance for a lifetime

Precision Crown
Smoothly transition the round from the barrel into the atmospherefor Accuracy you can rely on

Assault Muzzle Threaded
Mount unique tips that are 7/8-20 compatible with all LAPCO barrel accessories
Express who you are by customizing the performance or look

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