Instinct Industries


Stand out from the pack! These Limited Edition Tiberius T15 triggers are individually hand-made by Fixxxer from solid brass for a very precise feel and crisp operation. The Instinct features a flat face for a consistent feel regardless of finger placement. The flat trigger face is machined to set 0.145" forward of the stock trigger resulting in a natural leverage advantage and an increased trigger reach for more positive placement of the trigger finger. These feel amazing and look ruthless too! 


~ Product Features ~


  • Hand Crafted
  • Enhanced Action Trigger
  • Solid brass body
  • Direct drop-in replacement
  • Reduces pre-travel, overall trigger travel, and trigger reset by approximately 20%
  • Provides smooth shooting experience delivering a short, crisp trigger break
  • Increased leverage operation for lighter ‘felt’ trigger pull
  • Flat face provides more positive trigger finger positioning for better combat shooting
  • Solid Brass gives vibration free operation for enhanced feel
  • Closely held tolerances help remove trigger slop and free movement providing smooth consistent trigger pull and return


Please note: You must be able to remove your stock trigger and pin from trigger block. Some basic tools may be needed for removal/installation. 

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