FS T15 Marker

First Strike Paintball


2019 Model FS T15 with retracting charging handle 

The all new, revolutionary T15 magazine fed paintball marker from First Strike is the latest, greatest magfed marker on the market! And at only $499.95, the price is right too! It features a TRUE 1 to 1 scale AR body composed of rugged, lightweight aluminum that is made to withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum durability. It comes stock with an aluminum quad rail handguard so that you can mount any sort of accessories that you may need. It will come with an adjustable Air In Stock for maximum realism and maneuverability. The 2 pin Quick Disassembly makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze. It also features a fully functional (and satisfying) charging handle. The magazines are capable of holding either 19 First Strike Rounds or 20 regular paintballs. The marker will also come with an adapter that makes it a breeze to switch from magazine to hopper fed.


  • 2 Piece Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Aluminum Quad Rail Handguard
  • 13 ci Tank/Stock Combo with Regulator to Super High Pressure 
  • 2 Pin Quick Disassemble
  • Functional Charging Handle
  • 2x - V2 Magazines
  • Magazine and Hopper Fed

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