T8.1 Pistol 3 Mag Bundle



The T8.1 offers the latest in technology. The patented magazine houses air and projectiles providing the fastest reloads possible. An internal regulator and fixed volume air chamber provide low operating pressure and superior accuracy.


  • Solid Aluminum Upper Reciever
  • Dual Rubber Detents
  • Side Dovetailed Iron Sights
  • Low Profile C02 Quick Puncture
  • Optional Remote Air Adapter Connects Directly to Marker
  • First Strike Equipped
  • Dovetail Iron Sights
  • Dual Rubber Detents
  • Removable Tac Rail1 Piece Aluminum Upper Receiver
  • Tooless CO2 Quick-Punch Factory Installed in Magazine
  • Remote Line Compatible (with the use of a Remote Line Adapter - No included)

3 X 8 Round Magazine

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