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MILSIG Tempest Drum Magazine (For SMG Only)



The Tempest drum magazine has been designed from the ground up to encompass features not yet seen in the world of MagFed paintball. Offering a 32 round capacity for both FirstStrike and .68 caliber paintballs as well as a fully mechanical and tool-less operation, the Tempest follows MILSIG’s goals to make function and maintenance as simple as possible.

An industry first adjustable spring tension breaks down the barriers and limitations commonly associated with the use of certain paints in MagFed markers. You’ll be able to use brittle tournament paint by softening the spring, and stubborn oversized FirstStrike by adding more tension to the spring. The days of swapping springs are a thing of the past.

Tool-less - The Tempest magazine requires nothing more than the push of a button to open and load, adjust or clean.

Adjustable – If we’ve learned anything in the past 10 years producing MagFed products, its that we’re at the mercy of spring tension. Different paints will act better or worse based on spring tension. Until now, we’ve been at the mercy of the spring. But that day has passed. As an industry first, the Tempest magazine incorporates adjustable spring tension. This allows you to soften or strengthen your spring tension, allowing you to use virtually any paint in your magazine.

Versatile – Thought the Tempest is designed for the MILSIG SMG, future models will be released to fit almost any marker platform. Like the Tippmann TPX/TiPX/TCR. 

Fully Mechanical – No wires, no batteries, no short circuits. The Tempest magazine is entirely mechanical, so you dont need to worry about electronics or moisture.

This model will not fit the TiPX, TCR Markers


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